From Newton’s apple to your smartphone, physics is an important part of life. Students will have an opportunity to explore the broad topic of physics in this course including how it connects to other science disciplines (Chemistry, Biology, Geology, Astronomy, and Meteorology, and Engineering, etc.) because it studies the effect one thing has on another.

Students will learn the wonders of motion, electricity, energy, and heat by creating projects like DIY roller coasters and manipulating elements like magnets, light, and sound. Discover the awesome world of physics all around us by enrolling your youth in this class today!

Teacher Narrative:

The direction of the pre-med class this summer was to use science experiments to determine how a superhero would use science principles and elements to create a new superpower. We investigated using heat, sound, electricity, water and ice. At first the students were intimidated by the idea, but after we talked about how superheros in the movies use their powers from a scientific viewpoint they were able to wrap their minds around the idea. From there the students were able to think up their own superpowers and create a scientific explanation of how it works. We performed experiments each week to reinforce the scientific principles surrounding the topics of heat, sound, electricity, water and ice. For example, during electricity week we learned about electrical circuits and static electricity and the students created a new superhero with a superpower that uses these ideas, like Light Girl who stores electricity like a battery and can use her understanding of circuits to turn all the lights back on when the power goes out. We worked towards the idea that by understanding how the world works scientifically we can make it a better place to live.