Fashion Design

For the fashion and gadget lovers, Generation Infocus invites girls to our fashion program to learn how Science, Technology, Engineering, Artistic Design, and Mathematics all permeate the fashion world! Students will engage in project based learning opportunities about garment engineering, circuitry and computer coding. Students will also compete in construction challenges with traditional and uncoNventional materials such as snack wrappers.

AFTER the studio, students will learn how to produce fasHion events when they participate in a tech-chic exhibition. Showcases are centered around the year’s theme which may encompass a Maker’s Faire, robotic fashion.

A Teacher’s Narrative

Generation InFocus thought it would be a good idea to have a theme in place. We decided to follow a Superhero theme. The goal for this summer was to tie together all of the STEAM specialties. We have been working on creating a life-sized Superhero costume for our GI STEAM Superhero. Her colors are green, blue, and gold with focus on blue and green since these are GI’s colors. Our GI Superhero stands for strength, power, and knowledge. Fashion Design has many elements of math and science. We can easily incorporate math equations into measuring. Science comes into play when mixing colors and discussing patterns. One exciting element that we are exploring is wearable technology. With the help of our technology experts, we have been able to add LED lights to our costume. Adding this element to Fashion Design allows us to tie in each specialty. In all, our first summer camp at Ivy Prep has been very successful.