Whether your youth wants to be like their favorite Disney characters from movies like Frozen or tv shows like Jessie. GI is excited to provide our all new music THEATre studio. This studio is fun-filled, drama class that is coupled with singing and dance to provide participants with an introduction to key skills in acting, singing, and dancing.

Please be aware that students in the Musical THEATre studio will be expected to be committed. Regular attendance and reviewing lyrics, scripts, and choreography at home will be essential to assuring a dazzling performance at the end of the studio performance. Never miss another beat. Never miss another note. Sign up for our exciting Musical Theatre class now!

A Teacher’s Narrative

Drama students were put in charge of creating a comic strip for our GI Superhero. Students were responsible for developing her personality traits, her name, her powers, and her costume. They explored different elements of personalities and how they are developed. We also discussed several trends as it relates to the community and as it relates to the history of super hero costumes. After studying those patterns, students finalized all details about our GI Superhero.