Join Generation Infocus’ FAME miss Dance Squad to learn popular dance moves and technical form. Ballet, jazz, and hip hop are some of the genres that will explored in this energetic, glamorous studio. Dance is a great way for children to express themselves while staying active and fit.

A Teacher’s Narrative

I based my summer lessons on the basics of dance which included: Kicking, Jumping/ Leaping ,Chasing, and Improvisation. The students were taught the meaning of each term, how to identify them and how to perform them. Students were also taught the technical forms of each term; for example a Kick would be a Battement and a Jump or Leap would be a Jete’. In addition they were challenged to relate the terms to angles and their measures; for example a straight 180 degree angle could be described as a dancer performing a leap ( Jete’). The biggest issue that I had was keeping everyone interested and engaged, so I started incorporating more games-hop scotch ,hide and seek and leap frog- to make the lessons entertaining and fun. The games blended well with what I was teaching and it thus became easier for the students to perform , identify, and define the terminology.