3D Printing

Have you heard about 3D printing and you’re interested in creating something cool!? At our 3D modeling and printing course, we’ll teach you how to create a 3D object using high, tech modeling software. Everyone will have the opportunity to develop their own 3D printed creation!

A Teacher’s Narrative:

Students have had little to no experience with 3D Printing. They have had a great time learning about how to use a 3D printer. Math and science are a large part of creating a 3D model. This has been our largest obstacle. The students are at different age levels so it is sometimes difficult to explain higher levels of math and science. However, we were able to overcome that obstacle and complete the lesson plan efficiently. After repeating critical steps in the process, the students were able to easily understand the material. Now, the girls can articulate terminology associated with 3D Printing and operate the printer with minimal help.